New review shows long-lasting feel-good factor from 30 Days Wild

The Wildlife Trusts and University of Derby look at the benefits of daily nature contact

The feel-good factor from simple daily contact with nature can last for months. This is a finding from a new Wildlife Trusts review.

The review is based on surveys completed by people taking part in 30 Days Wild – the UK’s biggest nature challenge. The challenge is run by The Wildlife Trusts. People take part by pledging to do one wild thing each day during the month of June.

The University of Derby has looked at survey responses from more than 1,000 people over five years. They discovered that people who took pat in 30 Days Wild continued to feel positive effects two months after the challenge was over. For example feeling happier and more relaxed.

30 Days Wild participants are provided with ideas, wallcharts and activity sheets that give everyone easy ways of enjoying nature whatever their location. These ‘random acts of wildness’ range from walking barefoot on grass, to sitting beneath a tree or watching birds on a feeder.

People and bluebells

Tom Marshall

Key findings

  • People felt more connected to wildlife
  • People felt healthier
  • People felt happier
  • People were more likely to want to help wildlife

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