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Test your brain with our wildlife-themed wordsearches!

The words in all the wordsearches are hidden in every direction: upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards or diagonally.  Have fun! 


Butterflies wordsearch


Butterfly wordsearch Download the butterflies wordsearch


Try not to get in too much of a flutter as you hunt for the butterflies in our butterfly wordsearch.











Trees wordsearch


Trees wordsearch Download the trees wordsearch


Many different species of tree grow in the UK countryside. We've hidden the names of lots of them in this wordsearch.  See if you can find them. 











Birds of Prey wordsearch


Birds of Prey wordsearch Download the birds of prey wordsearch


Do you have eyes like a hawk? Can you find all the birds of prey that hidden in this wordsearch?












Marine wordsearch


marine wordsearchDownload 'A Whale of a Wordsearch' 


By Claudia Myatt, illustrator of RYA Go Green! - a young person's guide to the blue planet. Learn about the marine life we share our coastline with and the environmental issues our sea and wet places face. RYA Go Green! is available to buy at www.rya.org.uk/shop.  


And while you're at it, download the Coastline Code to take out with you on your next visit to the beach.