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Join the awesome team from across the Wildlife Trusts... they show you all sorts of amazing wildlife inspired activities. From how to make a bird feeder to identifying birds by their songs. Scroll down to watch, or head to the Wildlife Watch YouTube channel for loads more!


How to identify birds from their songs

Tom from The Wildlife Trusts takes us on a lesson in birdsong. Listen for trills and patterns and see if you can work out who's warbling! 

Be a garden scientist!

Have you stopped to take a closer look at what’s on your doorstep? There’s lots to be found if you look hard enough!

How to make nettle soup!

Full of vitamins and minerals, nettle soup is as good for you as it is delicious!

How to make hedgehog biscuits!

Learn about these wonderful spiky mammals and then get baking!

How to make a natural raft!

Perfect for a race downstream or an experiment in natural materials, rafts can be great fun!

The awesome world of fungi

Join the FUNgi guy on an illustrated introduction to fabulous fungi! 

Filmed for YouTube Live 🎬

How to make a nectar bar for pollinators

Want to attract more butterflies and bees to your patch? Leanne from The Wildlife Trusts shows you how! 

How to make a sheet moth trap!

Want to get a closer look at moths? All you need is a sheet and some torches!

Wildlife Webcams!

Want more to watch? Head over to The Wildlife Trusts' webcam page to see what you can spot


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