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Make your own binoculars

Make your own binoculars

Go wildlife detecting with your own binoculars!

How to make a bird feeder

Make a bird feeder

Make a bird feeder and see who comes to visit your garden!

Ice decorations

Make ice decorations

Hang these around your garden as winter decorations.

Leaf stack

Make a leaf stack

Decorate a tree with natural treasures.

Egg carton crab

Make egg carton creatures

Grab some craft supplies and bring your favourite creature to life!

Journey stick

Make a journey stick

Keep an natural record of your latest adventure!

Nature mandala

Make a nature mandala

Practice symmetry and pattern making with this activity

Forest guardian

Make a forest guardian

Find a special tree and give it its own features!

Cutlery pouch

Make a cutlery pouch

Why not keep your reusable cutlery in one of these? 

Bottle basking shark

Bottle basking shark

Celebrate this marvellous marine mammal with this craft

Beeswax wraps

Make beeswax wraps

Cut down on cling film with this reusable alternative

Pine cone creatures

Pine cone creatures

Why not get creative and craft your own pine cone critters! 

Mushroom spore print

Mushroom spore print

Turn spores into artwork with this FUNgi craft

Rain stick

Make a musical rain stick

Recreate the sound of the rain with your very own instrument!

Snow globe

Make a pine snow globe

Do you love the snow? Why not bring the magic of winter indoors!

Blow forest

Blow your own forest

Make awesome patterns and get crafty with a fun blow forest.

Fake fossils

Make fake fossils

Fossilise your favourite nature finds with this easy guide.

Leaf skeletons

How to make leaf skeletons

Preserve a nature's patterns with this nifty leaf craft!

butterfly painting

Create a butterfly print

Make a beautiful butterfly print with your paints.