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Saving stranded marine mammals

Would you like to directly help wildlife? Then hear from Jordan, he's very inspirational!

My name is Jordan Havell, I am 14 years old and I am passionate about wildlife. I recently won an Animal Hero Award in the Daily Mirror/RSPCA Awards, at a star-studded event in London. I was given a Young Animal Enthusiast of the Year Award, for my work on my "Stranded Mammals" poster campaign; my award was given to me by Chris Packham, which was a brilliant feeling! 

It all started when a stranded harbour porpoise was found on the beach at Sutton on Sea in April 2014. We could not get any help for it, which was really frustrating and it made me very annoyed. 

I wanted to do something to help. As a result, I wrote to the local council to try to organise having posters put up with emergency numbers on, so that everyone could help if they spotted a stranded mammal. It took 4 months of effort to get my idea approved and then in November, after getting authority from BDMLR to use their posters, we had them put up along our coastline.  

It was suggested to them that it was such a good idea that we should put them up right around the UK! I set about contacting every coastal council to ask them do the same. I knew that if just one mammal was aided it would have been worth the effort. Guernsey did not have a poster at all and after I spoke to them they suggested that I design one for them. I did just that and now it's in used right around the island as a result!

We now know that so far at least 2 mammals have been saved here as a result! That's only in my area, without knowing if others have been saved in other areas around the UK. 

Along with my parents, I often check the coastline here and report anything that needs reporting, such as hazards found on the beach.

The next step

I would love to meet other presenters to talk to them about this campaign. I have undertaken work experience recently at Natureland, Skegness, to further my knowledge and would love to do it again.

Jordan Havell, aged 14

Nature Ranger

Jordan submitted this project as his Nature Ranger Award! If you would like to try a project to directly make an impact for wildlife, have a talk to your Trust about the Nature Ranger Award. More information on the Awards can be found here.

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