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Guest Blogs

To help everyone make their lives a little more wild, we've invited Wildlife Trust staff members and volunteers, teachers and professionals to write guest blogs intended to inspire, inform and advise on all things wildlife! Start your adventure.

 Mini Wildlife Pond



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  Primary Science Plant and Grow 

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Educational resources

Do you have a school project on wildlife? Are you a teacher or parent looking to inspire kids? Or are you just fascinated by wildlife? Browse our resources, including amazing animal facts, fun wildlife activities and tonnes of ideas. Find them all here


 Manvela's fox poem 
Your poems


Read some lovely nature poems, all written by Wildlife Watchers like you!

Your pictures


We receive lots of fantastic paintings, drawings and other creative pieces of art every week.  Take a look some of the pictures that have been sent in.

 Benny the Blenny

Benny's blog

Catch up with Benny the Blenny and read all about his underwater adventures!