Educational resources

Wildlife is amazing and there's so many incredible sights and sounds to be found in the outdoors. From birds who build their nests in milk churns, to the perfect recipes for a campfire cooking session, there's something for everybody. 

These resources are great for children, teachers and parents alike!

Don't forget that there are also lots of great activity sheets, games, spotting sheets and fun things to download here!

My Wild Challenge

Our wonderful Wildlife Watchers wanted to know what they could do to help wildlife, so we created our My Wild Challenge series. Learn about issues affecting British wildlife and find out what YOU can do to help.

There's a little something everyone can do
! Make a difference today. 


Great Fen Quest - brand new educational app!

Come and join Newton the Great Crested Newt on a fantastic journey around the Great Fen to help him collect ingredients for his birthday cake! 

The Great Fen is a very special place for wildlife to live and for people to visit. Children will get the chance to hunt for hidden treasures, complete puzzles and challenges. As well as meeting some of Newton’s friends, that live in this amazing place, whilst discovering some wonderful wildlife facts.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPad, you can also download a Windows PC version. This app has been created by Fink Creative and the Wildlife Trust BCN

Play now! 



Rockpool Identification Guide

Our rockpools are full of fascinating creatures! Take a look at this brilliant guide from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to help you to identify some of the animals you might spot. This is a great resource for teachers, as well as for families off on a rockpool adventure. 

Download it here! 



Guide to Wildlife Gardening

Want to help wildlife in your garden?

Green Gardens have created their ultimate guide to wildlife gardening! 

Take a look! 



World Osprey Week

World Osprey Week is a great time to get schools connected not only to wildlife, but to other schools all across the world! Schools signing up for WOW and the Osprey Flyways Project get free access to online resources to help students learn more about Ospreys and their amazing journeys.

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Beginner's Guide to Composting

If you're looking to create your own compost but aren't sure where to start, this brilliant guide by is sure to help! 

Showing the different types of compost, common pitfalls and what to include/avoid, this is perfect for beginners. 

Take a look here!


River Rangers

Shropshire Wildlife Trust have a set of fantastic, simple and easy to understand resources all based around our waterways and rivers.

Where is all the water? - Where our water comes from

Effects of pollution
- What pollutes our waterways?

Alien vs Animal - What minibeasts can you find around water?

Introducing SUDS
- Sustainable drainage systems


Garden Watch

The University of Manchester have created this lovely 'Garden Watch' booklet to engage children with wildlife in their gardens. It contains our activity sheets for your garden, and space to monitor what you find throughout the year.

Download the booklet here!

You can also take a look at the full school's pack on offer here




Create your very own mini meadow

Using this fantastic sheet from 'Save Our Magnificent Meadows', learn how to create a mini meadow in your garden, school field or raised bed.

The fantastic guide tells you how to maintain your meadow, and what the benefits to wildlife will be.

Download it here! 




Snoozin' in the Animal Kingdom!

Check out this awesome infographic, kindly supplied by which tells you all about the snoozing habits of different animals. Find out which exotic bird only sleeps for four hours a day!

Click the image or take a look here!


How to help hedgehogs

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have made this wonderful ten point plan to helping your local hedgehogs! 

Download the guide here!  

Take a look here for even more ways to help hedgehogs from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.



Free downloadable "Guide to Family Adventures"!

Jen and Sim Benson, of 'A Wild Year' have written this wonderful practical guide to family adventures! Want to get outdoors but unsure what you'll need or where to go? This is the perfect companion for you!

Read everything from how to get kids excited, to how to celebrate every success. Download your free guide here




Wildlife Gardening

Do you have green fingers? Or are you just itching to learn? We have so much great information on our Wild About Gardens website, which is our partnership with RHS. You can also take a look at our guest blogs for advice and tips! 



Wildlife Watch YouTube

Did you know, we're on YouTube! We have lots of great videos, from learning how to preserve crab skeletons with Nick Baker, to watching a step-by-step guide to building an insect hotel! There's something for everyone.




Guest blogs

To help everyone make their lives a little more wild, we've invited Wildlife Trust staff members and volunteers, teachers and professionals to write guest blogs intended to inspire, inform and advise on all things wildlife! Start your adventure.

Brambly Hedge!

We've teamed up with Brambly Hedge to champion the amazing wildlife all around us! Take a look at our pages to hear funny Brambly Hedge stories, and see where you can find the real-life Brambly Hedge characters. They might be closer than you think...


Crafty garden ideas

Sainsbury's Bank blog have produced this beautiful illustrated guide of fun, crafty ideas to get kids out in the garden, and enjoying the spirit of gardening! Download the guide here.    

Whales & dolphins in UK seas

We want to inspire people to find more to enjoy, more to learn and more to value in the fantastic marine life around our shores. Take a look at the amazing whales and dolphins you can spot off UK shores.

Pip the Squirrel Activities

Pip has got crosswords, puzzles and sheets just for you! So feel free to print these off and use them in your schools, nurseries and at home!

Have a look at these fun activities here! 

Explore habitats! 

Discover mystical woodland, stunning scenery and learn about the wildlife in your own back garden. Take a look!


The different seasons hold different beauty and bring different wildlife to our shores. Read all about this here





Noughts and crosses

Combine nature and games in this fun wild noughts and crosses! Challenge friends and family - be as creative as you like. Download the file here!

Nature palette



Our nature palette is a great way for you to get in touch with your local nature! Did you realise just how many colours there are in your back garden? Take your nature palette out and get hunting!

Click here to download the nature palette


Read all about some amazing animals - you never know what you might learn!


Arctic tern 

Going batty

Feature creatures

Read all about our feature creatures and beasts of the month here. There's amazing information on tonnes of animals, from nightjars to stoats, scottish wildcats to the incredible pussmoth.

Sights and sounds

Amazing Eggs

Wildlife Sounds

Great places to see

Wildlife in the Street

Tracks and signs


Getting out and about in wildlife is so much fun! Here are lots of ideas and activities for you to get stuck in to.

The Art of Fish Watching

Campfire Cooking


Fossil hunting

Wildlife Photography

Starfish pledge 

Amazing stories

Follow the contents of your bin as they embark on their most important journey since they were made - saving the planet one piece at a time, on Recycling Centre.

Did you know that the place we know call the UK used to look much, much different? Read all about times goes by in Echoes of the Past.

People power isn’t always enough when caring for our nature reserves; that’s when it’s time to get the machines in! Take a gander at our fascinating Mega Machines.



Download spotting sheets, facemasks, colouring activities, ringtones and lots more! Click here to go to the page





Identifying wildlife

Have you spotted some interesting birds or bugs but you're not sure what they are? Try iSpot! This is a friendly, free community identifying wildlife and sharing nature. You can browse the community for pictures already identified or upload your own for advice. Have fun! 




Contribute to exciting national surveys!

Would you like to explore nature, have fun and make a real difference to the future? You can take part in OPAL's citizen science surveys, get hands-on and collect important scientific data. Be part of a change for the future! Have a look here for more information.


Winter wildlife


My Wild Winter

Snow Prints 

Snow Watch

Wild Christmas

The Wildlife Trusts Nature Finder App

The Nature Finder app is the perfect way to explore wildlife! It contains a map of more than 2000 nature reserves, great places to explore and get close to nature, a list of wildlife events and contact details for all 47 Wildlife Trusts.

Find out more!


WildSpy App - Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust


With this ap