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Are you looking for a new way to explore wildlife and have fun? Join in the Wildlife Watch Awards to earn an award as you complete great activities and challenges. Youʼll learn, create, think and do - and when youʼve completed an award, youʼll receive a certificate and an awesome badge to display on your profile.


Hedgehog Award


 The Wildlife Watch Hedgehog Award is a simple and fun way to earn an award while exploring nature in different ways. Choose and complete eight wildlife activities from the list of choices to collect stamps.  When you have completed eight activities and gained eight stamps you'll get a certificate and a very cool Hedgehog Award icon to display on your profile page.  Just click here to go to your profile and get started. Don't forget to make sure you are logged in to view your profile!



Kestrel Award


 If you are a member of Wildlife Watch and you are over the age of eight, you can take part in the Kestrel award.  The Kestrel award has four wildlife challenges (Create it!, Do it!, Record it! and Shout about it!)  and you will need to complete them all to gain the award.  Once you have completed the challenges you will receive a certificate and badge and the Kestrel icon will be added to your website profile. 


If you would like to find out more please contact your local Wildlife Trust.  You will be given the option to do this after you complete the Hedgehog award, or you can find your local Wildlife Trust here.



Nature Ranger Award


The Nature Ranger award is the highest level Wildlife Watch award you can get.  You can only take part in it if you have completed the Kestrel award.  To complete the Nature Ranger award you will have to study a UK wildlife or conservation topic of your choice and produce a report for your local Wildlife Trust to assess. 


When completed you will receive a certificate signed by Chris Packham, a badge, an icon on your website profile, a mention in Wildlife Watch magazine and a special prize!


You will be sent information about how to take part in the Nature Ranger award when you complete the Kestrel award.

Activities ideas 


Need some help getting started with activities or ideas for topics to study? We've got loads of activity sheets with step by step instructions and illustrations to guide you. You might even find some inspiration for wildlife or conservation topics you want to investigate. Check out our activity sheet page here.


If you're working towards your Kestrel award, one of our Wildlife Watchers has created an example of a nature diary to give you a bit of inspiration. Click here to see it.


Award winners


Safiyah the owl expert award winner


Some Wildlife Watch members have already completed their awards and have taken part in loads of fun activities.  So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration, click on the links to find out what they got up to:


Nature Ranger Award Winners                  Kestrel Award Winners   





Not old enough to start the Kestrel award?  


If you've completed your Hedgehog award but aren't able to start your Kestrel award yet, why not have a go at lots of other great activity ideas and see how many more ways you can help wildlife? Have a look at our activity sheet page for loads of extra activity suggestions.




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