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Insect hotel

Make an insect hotel

Your insect hotel will create habitats for bees, spiders, woodlice and more.

Bug hotel

Make a bug hotel

Bugs and insects love little holes and dark places to hide in!

How to make a bird feeder

Make a bird feeder

Make a bird feeder and see who comes to visit your garden!

Garden wigwam

Make a wigwam for plants

Grow all sorts of vegetables and flowers up this cool wigwam!

Make a nest box

Make a nest box

Build your own nest box and see who moves in!

Make a deluxe hedgehog house

Make a hedgehog house

Hedgehogs need somewhere warm and dry to snuggle down over winter.

woodland butterflies

Woodland spotter

Be a nature detective! Can you tick off any of these?

Pond dipping

How to go pond dipping

Meet the critters who live in a pond - there will be more than you think!

mini pond

Make a mini pond

Ponds are great for wildlife! Create a home for damselflies, frogs and toads.

Survival shelter

Build a survival shelter

Have a go at making a shelter in the woods.

grow a bee and butterfly garden

Grow a butterfly garden

Look after bees and butterflies by planting things that they like to eat.


Minibeasts spotter

Be a nature detective! Can you tick off any of these?

minibeasts colouring in

Minibeasts colouring

Minibeasts are bright and beautiful. What colours will you use?!

Butterfly mask

Butterfly mask

Print it off, colour it in and create your own butterfly mask.


Hawkmoth spotter

Be a nature detective! Can you tick off any of these?


Ladybird spotter

Be a nature detective! Can you tick off any of these?

Moth trap (light)

Make a moth trap

Observe moths close up at night with this simple set up!

Hedgehog highway

Make a hedgehog highway

Make sure our prickly friends have room to roam!

Hidey holes

How to build hidey holes

Create space for visitors in your garden with these!

Garden snails

Mark and recapture snails

Get to know these special slimy creatures!

Build a bat box

Build a bat box

Got a suitable spot? Why not try building a bat box!

bumblebee nest

Make a bumblebee nest

Make a cosy home for some of your buzzing friends!

Bird hide

How to make a bird hide

View birds close up by making your own hide.

Mini raft

How to build a mini raft

Have a go at making this to float on water.

Mammal tunnel

Make a small mammal tunnel

Capture footprints with this tunnel!

Wind vane

Make a wind vane

Study wind direction with a vane.

Beetle bank - thumb

Build a beetle bank

Welcome lots of different types of beetles in by building your own beetle bank

Make a beetle bucket

Make a beetle bucket

Make the perfect home for beetles and other sort of insects!

Nectar bar

Make a nectar bar

Perfect for pollinators!