Water Avens

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Water avens

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Scientific name: Geum rivale
Look for Water avens in damp habitats, such as riversides, wet woodlands and wet meadows. It has nodding, purple-and-orange flowers that hang on delicate, purple stems.

Top facts


Height: up to 50cm

Conservation status


When to see

May to September


Water avens is a locally common plant that inhabits damp places, such as riversides, wet woodlands and damp meadows. A close relative of Wood avens, its nodding, bell-shaped flowers are multi-coloured and, perhaps, a shade prettier. They appear from May to September and are followed by feathery seed heads.

What to look for

The cup-shaped flowers of Water avens have dark red sepals that surround orangey-pink petals and a cluster of yellow stamens; they hang delicately on long, purple stems. The round leaves are usually found at the base of the stem.

Where to find

Mainly found in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Locally common in parts of England.

Did you know?

Moisture-loving plants, such as Water avens and Ragged-robin, will thrive in a bog garden, attracting dragonflies, bees and butterflies, which, in turn, bring hungry frogs, toads and other animals.