Field Pansy

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Field pansy

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Scientific name: Viola arvensis
With its familiar features, the Field pansy is a delicate version of a garden favourite. Usually creamy-yellow in colour, it can be seen in fields and on roadside verges and waste ground.

Top facts


Height: up to 15cm

Conservation status


When to see

April to October


The delicate Field pansy is a wild relative of our garden pansy and can be found in fields and on waste ground and roadside verges - anywhere the ground has been disturbed. Its long-stalked, pale yellow flowers can be found winding their way through the grasses from April to October.
Field pansies are annuals, so they live for one growing season, flowering, seeding and dying off. Only the dormant seeds survive, ready for the next season.

What to look for

The low-growing Field pansy has pale creamy-yellow flowers that have an orange flush on the lower petal. However, it does display a variety of colour forms towards violet, sometimes making it difficult to tell apart from the Wild pansy, with which it also hybridises.

Where to find

Grows throughout the UK, but is less common in eastern parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Did you know?

The face-like arrangement of the petals of pansies has provided them with many names from 'Cat's Face' to 'Three-faces-under-a-hood'.