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Scientific name: Menyanthes trifoliata
Look for the star-like, feathery, white flowers of Bogbean in ponds, fens, bogs and marshes. It is so-named because its leaves look like those of broad beans.

Top facts


Height: up to 30cm

Conservation status


When to see

March to June


The starry, white flowers of Bogbean can bring the green waters of a pond to life in spring. Found in shallow ponds, fens, bogs and marshes, this aquatic perennial blooms from March until June. Its common name comes from the leaves, which are shaped a little like those of broad beans.

What to look for

The flower spikes of Bogbean grow above the water on tall stems. The white flowers are often tinged with pink, and are star-shaped with a ragged fringe. The emergent leaves are trifoliate, having three oval leaflets.

Where to find

Common throughout the UK, except in Eastern England.

Did you know?

One local name for this species, 'Bog Hop' refers to the use of Bogbean, instead of Hops, to flavour beer in Northern England and parts of Europe.