Porcelain crab

Porcelain crab

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Scientific name: Porcellana platycheles
Look out for this tiny crab under rocks and boulders on rocky shores - you'll have to look closely though, they're pretty well camouflaged!

Top facts


Length: 15mm

Conservation status


When to see

January to December


The porcelain crab, also known as the broad-clawed porcelain crab, is a small crab covered in tiny hairs. They have large, flattened hairy claws and are brown in colour. They live under rocks and boulders on rocky shores - though they can be hard to spot as their brown hairy bodies are well camouflaged. They are filter feeders, combing plankton from the water using special hairs on their mouthparts.

What to look for

A tiny, hairy crab with broad, flattened front claws. Greenish-brown on the back and off-white underneath. They have two long antennae.

Where to find

Found around all UK coasts.

Did you know?

Porcelain crabs are fragile animals and will shed a leg if attacked, in the same way that a lizard sheds its tail. It's this fragility that gives them their name!