Perennial rye-grass

Perennial Rye-grass

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Perennial rye-grass

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Scientific name: Lolium perenne
Perennial rye-grass is a tufted, vigorous grass of roadside verges, rough pastures and waste ground. It is commonly used in agriculture and for reseeding grasslands.

Top facts


Height: up to 50cm

Conservation status


When to see

January to December


Perennial rye-grass is a tough native grass that can be found on roadside verges, rough pastures and waste ground; it was once the most commonly sown grass in leys (fields used for grazing livestock) and is now often used for reseeding grasslands. It flowers from May through summer, and can vary from being an annual plant to being very persistent year after year.

What to look for

Perennial rye-grass has green stems and narrow, blade-like leaves. The spikelets, which hold the flowers, are attached to the stem in an alternating pattern. Perennial Rye-grass grows in clumps and has fibrous roots.

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Did you know?

Perennial rye-grass has been used since the early 17th century as a forage crop for livestock.