What is a leader password?

The Leader password enables Wildlife Watch leaders (often volunteers who run local Wildlife Watch groups) and Wildlife Trust educational staff to have access to three password protected areas of the Wildlife Watch website (see details below). When you register and enter this password the website automatically identifies you as a Leader and you do not have to enter this password again. However you will need to sign in each time you use the site in the future in order to access these areas.


If you don't know the password please contact the Wildlife Watch organiser at your local Wildlife Trust and they will notify you of it.


The password is changed on an annual basis.


Leader activities


Once you are registered as a Leader (by entering the Leader password when you first register with the site) you will have access to a database of nearly 100 nature-based activities for Groups.  These are accessed via the Activities option in the left hand menu and the 'Leader' activities are displayed on the Activities page. General users of the site do not have access to the Leader (Group) activities. Leader activities are written for groups whereas standard activties are aimed at individuals or families.


Watch Forum


Watch Forum - in this area you will find a forum where Leaders can discuss issues relating to the running of Wildlife Watch groups and environmental education.


Watch Network


Watch Network - in this area you will find an archive of Link magazine - our publication for enviornmental educators and other resources like posters and spotting sheets.