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yo =^[)


on saturday i went to testwood lakes nature reserve, we saw a grey heron in the sand martin hide as well as sand martins. in the heron hide we didnt see the grey heron but we saw sand martins!

Nesting Collared Dove!

around a week ago, my nan spotted a collared dove nesting behind our satellite dish thingy! and today 1st of July, i think i saw the little chicks beaks poking out of the messy nest, and the adult was feeding the chicks!

Urban birdlife

hi guys! i went out to Eastleigh town with my mates because we practising our scooter tricks, and i saw a pied wagtail and some goldfinches, it was weird because i saw a crow right next to me! anyway, bye!

ill help you Woodiga!

Hey Woodiga, i know why your profile is not 100%. Click on About which is under Games and Downloads, click on on the bit under getting started, then read the second paragraph down. then hopefully you will understand what it says! (to be honest, i didn't! And as for stars, you need to update your nature diary and comment on your nature stars by scrolling down on the bit under your nature stars, finding an animal, click on it, then scroll down and place your comment. If theres no comment box, then just add to your nature diary! hope it help! (=^D

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