Wild Wanderings

Wild Wanderings

Wildlife Watcher Chloe lives by the coast in Wales and shares her favourite finds.

My favourite nature activities.

By Chloe, age 9.

I really love going to our local beach, Aberavon Beach, for a walk. Whilst at the beach there has been lots of dead marine life washing up recently. There have been lots of jellyfish, a spotted dogfish, some cuttlefish cartilage, and some crabs. Whilst at the beach, I love to collect shells and look at the different types of seaweed on the shore.


Up on the beach we also go rock pooling. I love rock pooling! For this we go to Bracelet Bay in Mumbles. In summer I caught some shrimp, a hermit crab, and some small fish. Rock pooling is fun because you see lots of different marine life in the pools like limpets, anemones and sometimes starfish.

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