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Butterfly world

When at Butterfly World saw an Atlas Moth caterpillar, dad photo

Banded Demoiselle

Dad managed to get a closer picture of a Banded Demoiselle


This is Stonechat that did not fly off

Went on holiday to the Isle of Wight

Took my binoculars and notebook and here is what I saw, have also put pictuce I took of a red squirrel which was great swwing so close.
Going to Isle of Wight on holiday saw the following
Blackbacked gull, blackheaded gull, common gull, herring gull, carrion crow, wood pigeon, swift, Common tern, pigeon, large white, grey heron.
We staying in a caravan and you could see about 50 plus jackdaw fly from the trees early evening
Steam Train 21/07/2013
We saw some birds of prey at Falcon centre and they let me fly a Harris Hawk, which made me very happy because I never flew a bird of prey before.

Speckled wood, large white, buff tailed bumblebee, hoverfly, solider beetle,, fly, common wasp, red tailed bumblebee, centipede, woodlice and a common buzzard.
Beach 22/07/2013
Did some rock pooling and managed to catch shrimp, prawn, worm, fish, crab, snail, mussel & limpet
Brading RSPB 23/07/2013
Marbled white, large white, meadow brown butterflies, solider beetle, buff and red tailed bumblebee, honey bee, hoverfly, blue tailed damselfy, field grasshopper, daddy long legs, Banded Demoiselle, ladybird, blackfly, whirligig beetle (these kept spinning in the water)

magpie, wood pigeon, kestrel, house martin, carrion crow, rook, blue tit, mallard, little egret, white throat, coot, linnet, house sparrow, greenfinch, moorhen, mute swan
Sea View 24/07/2013
Large white, pigeon, branacle goose, mallard, wood pigeon, jackdaw, shelduck, herring gull, collard dove, house sparrow, greenfinch, little egret, moorhen, blackbird, house martin, rook, carrion crow, greylag and canada goose, black headed gull, mute swan, goldfinch
Needles 26/07/2013
Black headed gull, common gull, rook, goldfinch, magpie, black backed gull, carrion crow, jackdaw, herring gull, sand martin, cormrant, wood pigeon, stonechat (first time saw a stonechat, we managed to walk quite close to it)

Large white, marbled white, red admrial and common blue butterfly, meadow and field grasshopper, solider beetle, snail, red tailed bumblebee, 8 spotted
ladybird, common woodlice, black ant, blackfly, hover fly, nobel beetle, Six-Spot Burnet Moth and a Six-Spot Burnet Moth caterpillar
IOW Zoo & Dinosaur Isle 27/07/2013
Rook, Carrion Crow, House sparrow, tree bumblebee, blackbird, large white & meadow brown butterfly, sand martin, goldfinch, wood pigeon, hoverfly, magpie, jackdaw, collard dove, black headed gull, moorhen, mallard, coot, feral pigeon, rabbit and a mute swan
Sandown 28/07/2013
Went for a walk near Sandown and saw awesome seeing a red squirrel for the first time. Took some photos. Also saw the following.

Black headed gull, carrion crow, wood pigeon, jackdaw, blackbird, goldfinch, common buzzard, great tit, moorhen, blue tit, magpie

Large white, comma, meadow brown, marbled white, red admiral, common blue, speckled wood, also saw another larger butterfly similar to a swallow tail but could not tell what is was. Had a completely brown butterfly not been able to identify.

Tree, buff & red tailed bumblebee. Black ant, hoverfly, emporer dragonfly, gnat, fly, snail, blue tailed damselfly, slug, solider beetle, Banded Demoiselle

Red Squirrel, Rabbit, Bank vole and a mole hill
Victoria Fort 29/07/2013
Took a walk at the fort was not really looking but saw black headed gull, carrion crow, wood pigeon, large white, speckled wood, white wood, red admiral, meadow brown butterflies

Also Popped into Newton Creek afterwards to one of the bird hides to have a look but only stayed for a little while and did not explore round. Managed to
see Blackheaded gull, oystercatcher, little egret, redshank, curlew, canada goose, collard dove, sandpiper, house martin, mallard, goldfinch and a shelduck


We had to wait quietly to get a picture of this dragonfly at Chafford Hundred Gorge last week.