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solitary candadian goose

for the last 3 weeks i have seen a goose on a big grassy area near ballywalter beach where i live near the ards pennisula and occasionaly goes down to the beach to drink from a fresh water supply on the beach I was worried it wouldnt have survived storm Ali but I went down today and it was still there. Iwas REALY pleased!!!

FROG MANIA (again!!)

Today i found a big frog about 2 inches big trying to climb up my leg it was an exhilarating experiance although i was very discombobulated (confused) why it would try and do that though! Does anyone else have frogs in their garden?!

badgers blog

hi mr badger my name is dylan and ive read your blog and i love it!!!!

how do you do it??


does anyone know how to get onto the kestral when youve finished the hedgehog one

hawk moth mania

today in the morning my mum found a hawk moth sitting on her slipper it must have flown in when the door was open!!

has anyone else seen this??!!

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