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There's a lot happening in the culling of animals which I don't agree with, online petitions help me support all nature around Britain. Badgers culling, shooting Birds of Prey etc

Wildlife Photos

This has been a fantastic summer out wirth my Smartphone taking pictures of all these beautiful things Mother Nature provides. This time of the year Autumn I am fascinated by fungi; their common names are hilariously accurately descriptive like Devil's Fingers, Turkey Tail, Puffball ......etc

Nature Reserve

Ravenswood Nature Reserve; one of a few great SWT sites in Cumbernauld has wonderful pond's where I spotted quite a lot of Common Darters and Dragonflies up to Early October this year.


Where I live there's construction work going on...a kindly site foreman let me have timber that was getting binned to take away and be recycled to make boxes for wildlife camera traps which the Men Shed charity are building to be placed in schools.

Cumbernauld wildlife watch

Our group will soon be on our 5th session. It's been amazing den building, leaf identification, crafts and games to mention but a few...

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