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oak tree coarse

I went on a coarse about oaks.Did you that if you measure around the oak's trunk and divide it by 1.8 you get the age of the oak?Oaks can live for thousands of years!Overall oaks are amazing aren't they?

Making a Fishing Rod

One day I made a fishing rod.First I took the leaves and spikes off a stinging nettle.Then I split it in half using a vertical line.Next I separated the fibres from the woody bits.I left the fibres to dry.Later I wet the fibres and twisted them together.Then I used a thorn from a blackthorn tree as a hook.I tied the fibres onto a stick and tied thorn on the other end.

Baby Pigeon

One day I was in my garden and I saw a pigeon.It's Mum was finding it food. One day it jumped onto a branch .After two days it was still there.

Buschcraft weekend

During a recent bushcraft weekend I made a throwing arrow, several fires, a lean to shelter, learned some archery, prepared a pigeon and cooked marshmallows over a camp fire. It was a great weekend.

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