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Making a Fishing Rod

One day I made a fishing rod.First I took the leaves and spikes off a stinging nettle.Then I split it in half using a vertical line.Next I separated the fibres from the woody bits.I left the fibres to dry.Later I wet the fibres and twisted them together.Then I used a thorn from a blackthorn tree as a hook.I tied the fibres onto a stick and tied thorn on the other end.

Baby Pigeon

One day I was in my garden and I saw a pigeon.It's Mum was finding it food. One day it jumped onto a branch .After two days it was still there.

Buschcraft weekend

During a recent bushcraft weekend I made a throwing arrow, several fires, a lean to shelter, learned some archery, prepared a pigeon and cooked marshmallows over a camp fire. It was a great weekend.

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