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The problem with plastic is that once it has been made and used it gets thrown away. And that is where the trouble starts. Years ago when it was invented people thought it was a great idea but now we have realised that this sturdy substance actually never decomposes and it always here on the earth somewhere broken into tiny pieces. Huge companies like it because it keeps food fresh and is cheap to make but we are the first generation to know anything about the harm and damage we have caused and the last to be able to stop it.

a toad the mouse and me

i saw a toad in the flower bed hiding win the chives next to the wall and a dead field mouse on our drive. that is most of my nature stores up to date thank you. :)


yesterday at school there was a dead pigeon in our locker room own my friends jumper. It must have died there, my teacher carried it outside to let it rest in peace eew but sad. :(

baby owl

just before were going to go on holiday to the beach i was putting the compost out at the end of our garden when i was on my was back i saw something that looked just like a ball of fluff so i moved closer to investigate and its head swivelled all of the way around which was kind of creepy. My dad took a photo, so we did a bit of research on the internet and decided not to call the rspca because it said that it was a natural thing to happen and when we got back home it was gone back to is nest.


recently i saw a young fox cub while i was having breakfast and it walked right up to the door. It was really thin but i knew that i shouldn't feed it otherwise it would just keep on coming back. :(

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