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More Photos from Southrey Woods

A goldfinch pic I took

Photos from Southrey Woods

Wood anemones cover the undergrowth of the wood

Southrey Woods

Today, we went out to Southrey Woods. We saw loads of wildlife and plants!
We saw 2 nuthatches!!
WE heard chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, wren, bullfinch and lots more!!
Also we saw wood anemones, celandines, wood hawthorn, bluebells, colts foot and wood bluebells!!
I was amazing. I will post all the photos I took at the woods above this post
(my pic of the nuthatch is a bit out of focus but we couldn't get close enough to properly take a pic)

Marsh Harrier!!!!!

Also, whilst I was at Deeping Lakes, I saw a Marsh Harrier! It was SO cool. I saw flying around looking for prey!!
I like seeing cool birds of prey, they are so elegant when they fly.
Pic is of a pond we walked around at Bourne Woods!

The swallows are back in town! (and house martins)

Yesterday, I was out at Deeping Lakes Reserve and I saw LOADS of house martins and swallows. They were flying around and lots of them were have a fight in the sky after their long journey from Africa!
Also, I saw loads of Linnets, a male and female reed bunting and heard a green woodpecker!
Today, I saw a scrawny blue tit (picture above). It looked at our nestbox and then flew onto the feeders!!
Also we saw a willow warbler singing and I got a photo!