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This morning

In the morning I spotted on our bird feeders:
2 coal tits
1 blue tit
1 great tit

I don't know why we don't get chaffinches

Behind our garden their is an orchard and lots of bushes, perfect habitat for chaffinches. But we've only ever got 2. I don't know why

Dunnocks are usually ground feeders

I noticed that the dunnocks in our garden feed on the hanging feeders we put out, but I thought they were ground feeders. They only like the seed feeders with blue tit seed mix, and still feed on the ground but not that frequently. They used to feed only on the ground but then we got a sanctuary because of the squirrel and put up other seed feeders. I thought they would just use the sanctuary.

Didn't take long to get used to the bird bath

After about 5 minutes of the bath being filled up a blackbird had a drink!!

A nice surprise

I have had an epic few days, on Friday I saw:
2 jays (in a little bit of woodland next to the road)
3 coal tits (on our sunflower seed feeder and suet pellets and berry suet bar, I also got a video of them!!!!!)
4 great tits (on our seed feeder as well)
6 blue tits (on our seed feeder and suet pellets)
On Saturday we got:
6 coal tits (on the seed feeder and suet pellets)
3 dunnocks (on the blue tit seed mix feeder)
2 great tits (on the seed feeder)
On Sunday we got:
2 long tailed tits (on the suet ball, suet pellets and berry bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 blue tits (on the seed feeder)
1 coal tit (on the seed feeder)
2 chaffinches male and female (on the sunflower seed feeder)
It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!