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Coombs hill nature reserve photo safari

Today me and my dad went on a trust organised photography safari for children at Coombe Hill nature reserve. It was absolutely amazing. The canal had mallards and damselflies and yellow iris, ragged robin, dog Rose and hawthorn. Zsuzsanna Bird was really nice and helpful and gave tips on how to get the best shots, which worked without fail. We saw comma, orange tip and brimstone butterflies as well as dock beetles and soldier beetles. At the scrapes we saw shelducks, lapwings, a little egret, snipe, curlew and Greylag geese which we could see from the grundon hide. This was my idea of heaven and I didnt want to end. In the meadows we saw a broad bodied chaser come out of its nymph larval case. I had the most brilliant day ever and I am going to go to Coombe hill a lot more often to see what is there throughout the year.

Symonds Yat

Yesterday I went to Symonds Yat and saw a Peregrine Falcon on her nest, and she had eggs. I also saw two Buzzards. After lunch we went on the Mailscot trail through the forest of Dean and saw tiger beetles, ichneumon wasps and lots of spiders. We saw a big black shiny beetle that moved very slowly. There were loads of Grey Squirrels and Blue Tits and all along the trail we could hear the courtship cries of male Pheasants. In the ditches there were tadpoles and pondskaters. There were supposed to be newts as well but we didn't see any. We saw three Blackcaps and a Mistle Thrush, and heard rustling in the undergrowth that my dad said could have been adders. The Bluebell displays were breathtaking to look at but unfortunately we got lost and had to ask anyone we bumped into for directions. That meant we had been in the woods from five past one to half past five! What a trauma!

Red Kites

There are loads of Red Kites around Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. If you go there you can see up to seven at a time, and you are guaranteed a sighting. They circle above the town and the housing estates like Hazlemere and they make their haunting cries whilst swooping unusually low. As you leave Bucks, the Red Kites are replaced by Buzzards and then there are no Kites in sight. Wierd. I was staying at my grandparents this week and we spotted a Greenfinch having a bath and a fair few Starlings.


It is impossible to decide, when you want to fundraise for someone, firstly what charity to help, then what species, then what to do! Any ideas? Recently it is the Albatross situation, but then there is the Red Squirrel, the Harbour Porpoise, numerous bats, Skylarks... What to choose! I have made an extra effort with all the charities I am registered with, and the only thing I have not done is a big event/ fundraising thingamywhatsit! I don't know!


I found out about those fish that I didn't know in the park. They were Minnows. The tadpoles in my bedroom are doing well, though I don't know why I wanted pond snails in there they just eat the food and make regular breaks for freedom- they're just annoying. I found mosquito larvae in the water so I'll have to fish them out before I get bitten to death. Oh well.

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