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hello again

I'm just going to say what a good thing it is we have all the wild spaces that we do. all my schoolwork is driving me nuts and i always like going outside to chill. I've started my kestrel award and i'd definetely recommend it to anyone who loves the great outdoors. it even makes an impact and it makes life a lot better for wildlife, even in your own garden. Hey - marsh_ogro - have fun. By the way, if you put up nest boxes soon itll help willow tit conservation because then blue tits will use them rather than forcing willow tits out of their nests! Easy!

oh - just got a house martin card!

seen those perching on my window ledge on holiday in the lakes!


Birds again (and bees)

So..... after my dad got a birdcall app on his phone i started trying it out. surprisingly i could hear a song thrush and a house sparrow. soon enough we saw them both in our garden! hey also, as i'm doing my kestrel award i've been clearing my garden out to plant some wildlife friendly flowers, but i'm planning to make a butterfly feeder and a home for mason bees too.

Seal_ulis, 11, out.

Very late update

Well i said i would tell you what i did at wildlife watch, and it turns out i didn't. i should really get on with it. We saw loads actually:

- brinstone and peacock butterflies
-yellow gorse
-canada geese

Also (not in the watch group) i saw a swan nesting on a really big nest in a lake at my local-ish park. Baby cygnets are soooo cute!

Garden envy

And i thought i had a lot of birds on my feeders. well. i am at my gran's house (my mums in work). and seen a blue tit, goldfinch, chaffinch and squirrel! well i am going to my Watch group tomorrow (at Mere Sands Wood) so I'll keep you informed if i see anything. you get great wildlife there. on the lake you can see goosander, canada geese and i have seen a heron there so i am keeping my eyes peeled tomorrow!

p.s. - if you read my last post then i can confirm it was a goldcrest!!!!

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