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Hedgehog award Kestrel award Young naturalist award
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My Nature Diary


Saw a blue tit and a blackbird calling to each other on the way to school.


Finished my hedgehog award!


Done a poem here it is:

I love to watch the nature around me
I love to see the birds,plants and trees,
I don't care what type,
As long as it's easy to see.

I like to see the birds fly free
And the butterfly's, moths and bumble bee
My favourite is the holly blue
But I don't mind the mayfly too!

I really enjoy the sunshine
Especially when the squirrels come by
They are so cute and cuddly
When they eat nuts from Me!

Tree rubbings

Done my tree rubbings! Yay!

Hedgehog award story

At the moment I'm creating my own story about a boy and an animal kingdom!

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