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Went on a litter pick

A few weeks ago I went on a litter pick there was loads of rubbish all along the side of the road I filled three whole bags.Sadly it looked like some of the litter was purposely put there and lots of it could be harmful to wildlife!

Mullein Moths

In our garden we have a buddleia and not that long ago we found out that there were caterpillars living and eating on it , they are called Mullein caterpillars once they have fed for thirty days they make a cocoon in the soil. They stay under ground for up to four years.Then they emerge as a Mullein moth which looks like a piece of wood.

did some composting .

In are garden we have a compost heap we put all the scraps of food in it unless there are scraps that can go to the guineapigs or tortoises

grew vegetables

I grew some lettuce in a green house at my granny's it was really fun I especially enjoyed watching them grow . I also washed them and ate them they were delicious . I have also helped pick tomatoes and beans with my Granny it was fun .

putting up bird feeders

I always put up bird feeders in my Granny's garden though I can't put any in my garden because it will etract rats and mice and they would start eating my guinea pigs food .In my Granny's garden it takes quite a bit of time because I need to climb a tree which has the bird feeders in it .My Granny puts the bird feeders in the tree so that the birds can hide at the same time as eating . When I feed the birds i have to climb the tree and get the bird feeders down as soon as I do that, the birds start tweeting . Then I have to fill them up I put peanuts in the big ones and mixed seeds in the smaller ones and sprinkle some sunflower seeds on the bird table .

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