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Hedgerow walk

Today, my mum and me went for a walk along a field near my Nanny's house. We heard lots of different birdsong. We also say lots of chaffinches, a magpie, lots of swallows catching bugs in the air and what we think was fox poo.

We have also made a bird house out of some wood we found in my grandad's shed. We're going to put it up in our garden and hope that somebody moves in soon.

This is a picture of me rummaging for mini-beasts on our walk.

Log Pile House

Today, me and my Mum made a log pile in the corner of our garden for slow worms and other mini-beasts. We are going to keep an eye on it to see if anything moves in.
fingers crossed.

Beetles and other animals/

Yesterday my Mum and I went on a wildlife hunt in the field next to my nanny's house. We found an ant nest and a beetle that was bright red.
We also so a big rat in my nanny's neighbours garden. we think it was after her rabbit's food.

Wildlife Warrior

I love all animals and want to work with animals when I've grown up.

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