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Bustling Berries

It's berrylicious out there at the moment! All the fruit trees are laden, bushes bursting with berries and the birds are having a wild old time. The Elder tree in the farmyard is absolutely covered in berries, which a host of house sparrows were flocking around yesterday, we've harvested the apples in the neighbouring orchard - leaving plenty for the wildlife of course - and managed to gather a ton of Damsons from grandads tree. We make lots of jams and jellies from all this fruit, but mammals and birds must be stocking up for winter!

Busy Birds

The Swallows have arrived at my house, swooping around the farmyard and looking for places to nest. We also have a pair of Pied Wagtails nesting in our woodshed, Blackbirds in the hedge and House sparrows in the window sills. It's a busy time for birds!!

We also know that we've got Shrews, Filed voles and mice - unfortunately because the crafty cat got hold of them. Hopefully, the extra large bells on her collar will make it much harder to creep up on them!

At Wolseley the other day we saw a Magpie attacking a baby rabbit - I'd never realised that Magpies took live prey (we managed to dissuade it and the rabbit escaped!), I always thought they ate carrion. It's amazing what you learn everyday!

Spring is here!

So the snowdrops are out, in my garden and at The Wolseley Centre - what else can you see!

Trip up North!

I went to visit the lovely folks at Lancashire, Merseyside and Manchester Wildlife Trust and have a walk around their Seven Acres Nature Reserve yesterday. Who knew that there was such a lovely site in the middle of Bolton. We also had a go at recording wildlife sounds - great fun!

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