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The minke whale skeleton

Last April I went to scotland with all my family. We went fishing on the rocks on one of the days on some rocks. When I went to have a go fishing I saw some bones under the rocks(it was part of it's back bone) and i shouted "there's a dinosaur skeleton! Everyone came to look and we fiddled it out of the rocks. The next day we came back to see if there was more and we ended up with a hole skeleton(exept the head)Ahh!Then when we got back to the shalley I got out my laptop and searched whale skeletons, and it ended up being a minke whale! I took it into school afetr the holidays and ended up showing it to the whole school! They were amazed!

the goldfinch

The other day i went on holiday to whitby. When i was out playing, i saw a goldfinch sitting on the ground. At first i thought it was fake but then i saw it breathing. a few miniutes later i got my mum and dad to look and my dad picked it up and it just sat on his hand and then i held it. it was amazing!normally there really timid but it just sat on my hand!

snow drops!

I love this time of the year!And do you know why? because the snow drops are growing! yey!

the kingfisher and the sparrowhawk!

At Attenborough nature reserve in the new hide on stilts, i saw a kingfisher sitting on a post! I had never seen a kingfisher before and was really excited! If that wasn't enough i saw on the post next to it a sparrowhawk and they were staring at each other! We (my mum,dad,sister and me) were talking to a man that was already in the hide and he said that the sparrow hawk had a broken wing! Normally the sparrow hawk would have attacked the kingfisher, but instead the kingfisher was attacking the sparrowhawk! how amazing!

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