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you knew what it was the whole time and you asked us POOH


click view mink_ox's profile then read the full message


when you see a blackbird for example or any others go to profile and under the section write stuff
type youre title in the title box and there will also be a big box you write youre text in there and then go to explore wildlife on the side under the awards box then go to animals and then go to birds and press read more on the side of the birds sign then scroll down then go into birds a-z and find the blackbird which
is on the further pages and press report wildlife spotting and youll get some nature stars and the rarer the animal is the more stars youll get added to youre total stars at the bottom on youre my activity box ın profile

hi man

that bird is a robin and this website is so great


hi spider girl you just joined today hope you have a wonderful time