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two days ago i saw a GİGANTİC buzzard the size of my armchair(about a metre long)and i saw a lesser kestrel, golden eagle, swallow, tree swallow kingfisher and i saw it on the last moment and it was just turning round the corner and if it didnt shine blue i would have not seen it


i have two fave birds- hobbies and swallows and on of the million reasons i like them is because they are so SO SO SO agile and SO maneuverable


ive seen 57 buzzards,3 golden eagles,5 kestrel,4 swallows,0 hobbies:( and a lot of other cool/epic/AWESOME!!!! birds


a kestrel was hovering over the car when we were going to edinburgh zoo

spring birds are here

the swallows are here they are my fave birds of all so im very excited:)