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so far İ've seen

a buzzard,willow warbler , lesser kestrel, blackbird, robin, siskin, greenfinch, goshawk, coal tit, blue tit, great tit, grasshopper, orange tip butterfly, red admiral, rabbit, honey buzzard, sparrowhawk, yellowhammer ,pied wagtail ,dormouse and a couple of snails


right now i just saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the dead tree about 30 meters away first i thought it was a Green Woodpecker then i thought it could be a Great Spotted one so i went to get my binoculars and saw that it was a Great Spotted Woodpecker


at galloway we also saw a golden ringed dragonfly,emperor dragonfly , common hawker and southern hawker


a couple of days ago i was at Galloway with my friends when a red kite flew over the trees a couple of meters away from us it is a beautiful bird and now i know that they actually almost always use their tails to fly and i saw a lesser kestrel hover then dive when i was on the bus to galloway


two days ago i saw a GİGANTİC buzzard the size of my armchair(about a metre long)and i saw a lesser kestrel, golden eagle, swallow, tree swallow kingfisher and i saw it on the last moment and it was just turning round the corner and if it didnt shine blue i would have not seen it