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September 2012 - Fossils

Breakheart Quarry, Dursley
Claire Reid from Gloucestershire Geology Trust explained to us how the rocks at Breakheart Quarry had formed 170 million years ago in the Jurassic period. The quarry, which was once a shallow warm sea, is 'littered' with fossils and everyone was excited to go home with lots of finds.

August 2012 - Dragon Hunt

Saul Nature and Discovery Area, The River Frome And The Stroud Water Canal.
On a gloriously sunny afternoon we joined county recorder for Dragonflies, Ingrid Twissell, and set about discovering more about these creatures and their cousins the Damselflies.

July 2012 - Wildlife Photography

Wick Court Farm, Arlingham.
With expert guidance from professional wildlife photographer Iain Green, we set off through the countryside taking photos, composing them with a new understanding of what makes a great picture.

June 2012 - Den Building

With expert advice from Tim Jenkins the National Trust Warden for Haresfield Beacon we honed our skills and used our ingenuity to create our dens.
After learning the basics we split into teams, each team being named after a woodland creature. At the end of the session each teams den was tested against the following criteria:
a) Weatherproofing - Tested using water pistols aimed at the team inside their den.
b) Spaciousness - Tested by cramming as many Wildlife Watchers into the den as possible.
c) Mod Cons - Any Den built by kids is bound to have a branch TV ariel to improve reception and plump leaf pillows for a comfortable snooze!

May 2012 - Mini Beast Safari

We took along inspection trays, pots, magnifying glasses and some useful bug guides, so that we could carefully dismantle our log pile (which we made in 2010) and conduct our mini-beast safari in Randwick Woods.
Next on the agenda was wilderness survival skills - The woodland has been coppiced and this gives nice strong straight regrowth, exactly what we needed for the poles of a makeshift stretcher made from coats. All the children tested out the stretcher to make sure it worked!
Before we left we had a go at making dens for our teddies, in preparation for the full sized den making session on the programme for June.

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