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Spring is back into the game! :D

Cuckoos, skylarks, flowers, leaves, and most of all... GREEN!
I don't know about yous but here it's been boiling! Great weather for watching as well as ice cream and thunder storms! And I LOVE thunder and lightning!

Report more later!


Hello again!

Hello there!

Sorry I havn't been on ages, computer died.

But bird spotting has been fab! Unforchantly the siskins have left, but the goldfinches and other stuff are still here and are great as ever!
Yesterday was a nice birdy like day, and I saw some new faces (even though my friend was over). Yesterday, up the tree I saw 3 treecreepers and I also saw a little group of 10 goldcrests! I don't know about down south but goldcreats up here seem to have NO fear of people! It was fabulous to see them, but I'm worried about them for the Winter.
My word! There's SO many fallen leaves its unbelivable! So, I'm gotta be going, but I will speak to yous soon! Bye!

When I turn my head to the right...

Hello there!

Recently, it has been great to see loads of baby wildlife!
At our home, we've got a small flock of starlings (something more than 25). In the front of our garden we have these fat pieces and in groups of 7, the starlings land on them, being good sized bird, they end up scaring all the different birds (but not for long!)! They are not the only ones who like the fat pieces, wee yellow baby blue, great and coal tits come down as well, they are so small and cute!
We also have a bird table and a platform area with sunflower hearts of top. We get all sorts of birds on there; siskins, house sparrows (they come up from the street which is a good fly away, it's normally at the breeding season), starlings (sometimes they go on top, but they like the fat pieces the most), goldfinches, greenfinches, blue tits, great tits, chaffinches, (sometimes) linnets and redpolls.
We alao have a niger feeder with dinners like siskins, goldfinches, linnets and redpolls.
There's the 2 sunflower seed feeders but they are the small birds who come to the platform.
Then we have our crazy ground birds. Why are they crazy? Let me interduce you to Mr Wren-Tailed Robin (yes, he sticks his tail up in the air like a wren), the sunflower hearts that drop to the ground are not good enough for him! He flies up to the fat pieces and eats them up there! He's actally pretty good at it, being that he is not built for doing it!
The Song Thrush is a very new comer, he flies all the up to the platform and eats there (if it's very quiet, normally the siskins rule the place! Those mini parrots!).
We also have the blackbird who minds his buisness, but recently we have had a Pied Wagtail and eating on the left over sunflower hearts. It's very interesting!

I'll keep you updated!



Hello Fellow Watchers!

On Sunday, I was just walking my dog just thinking to myself "Bird, bird, bird is the word" and I started looking at the trees and the birds that surrounded me. Chaffinches, blackbirds, hooded crows...When all of a sudden I look up to see a red thing jumping to another tree. A red squirrel! My mouth wouldn't close from it's round shape. I just watched him, being a few metres away, as he went along his business and climbed up a tree. I didn't see him again after that. "Yes!" was the only thing I could think of. After that a sang:

"I'm walking on Sunshine! Woa! I'm walking on Sunshine! Woa! 'Cause I saw a Red Squirrel! Hay! Alright! And there's no doubting it! Hay Alright!"

See you soon,


Ahh! Midges! (and a Cuckoo chase!)


(Dun Dun Duuuuun! Crazy Sound Effects!)

Let me tell you the full story of the Saturday night "Cuckoo chase"!

I had just gone to the kitchen to get myself a sweetie when "CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" went off extremely close! I slid through the door, trying to be as quiet as I could, and went of into the garden to see if I could spot him.


He (or she, who knows what it was) was in the tree right beside the house! Oh! This was good!
I tip-toed to the house to get Mum and my binoculars, this was a chance that couldn't be missed! I told Mum of the cuckoo in the garden and both of us creeped into the garden.
There was silence.
Oh no! Don't go disappearing when I get my binoculars out! I thought to myself. But I wasn't to be disappointed. "CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" Yes! He was still here, in the same place as I had let him! I crept down the steps to the woody area bit where the cuckoo was. I regretted it. The bamboo made a noise, a twig under my feet crunched and the bridge ( which was hit hard this Winter) was creaking and snapping as I went along!
Then I saw quiet a big bird flying in the direction I had came in. "CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" Came the area where the bird flown to. Great! I had to go over the snapping bridge again! So over I went. Silence. The from further away we heard a "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!"
"He's at his usual place at the gorse bushes! We're never gonna see him from here!" But with my Mum's new brilliant binoculars we could see him (and even with mine we could see him)! Then he was chased by birds! It was very dramatic and exciting!
"CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" He screamed in flight. But then he went behind the trees and we never caught another look at him.

Besides that, we were eating alive. If you don't live in Scotland, you won't know this feeling. It's annoying and itchy. I give you the famous midges! Yes, early as it may seem, there back and they're as mighty as ever!

See you soon!


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