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New website

When will the new website be coming?

New website

Hi wildlife watchers, I haven't blogged for a bit because of the new website and I don't want to get to caught up in this website then lose all my progress. I'm a little disappointed that the website's changing and this one's closing but soon there will be a new blog. I have lots of things to blog about now but I am saving them for the new website. I look forward to being apart of the new website, Fox_ex :)


Today on my walk I saw a yellowhammer. I often talk about them on my blogs. They are a yellow-chested, brown-winged small bird that come about between Winter and Spring. If you like the sound of them, I have posted about them before and did a 'Facts on yellowhammers' which if you scroll down on my page, you will find it as I made it relatively recently.

Blackbirds- how to tell if they are male or female

How to tell if a blackbird is male of female:

I often put on my blogs that 'today I saw a female blackbird' and 'yesterday I saw a male blackbird' but I came to the conclusion that for people that don't know, any bird that is black could be a blackbird and it may not be and what may not seem to be a blackbird may well be a blackbird. So how do you tell if it is male or female?

Female=A dark-ish-light-ish brown color

I hope this helped you identify which is male or female.

Wildlife news!

Hey guys. I heard that in Oxford the first ever baby white stalks in England (they are the birds on movies that deliver babies) have been born. It is the first time since the 1400's and it is apparently because of the lockdown. As there are less people, there is less pollution so more wildlife can thrive. I almost feel like I've found a light-side to the lockdown!