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Clee Hill

yestaday i went for a walk with some friends and saw a hole lot of frogspawn. But later on the walk, we went to the Brook a stream that runs down a hill it has a lot of water falls and in one pool was loads of tiny fish. Tat is not the end though while on the way back up we saw a glimse of a rabbit running into a gorse bush it was really a exiting walk.


yestoday while I was walking my dog I saw a heron so close but when we went closer it flew away.


I have some new baby pet kittens and rabbits they are so cute but the rabbits
seem to have disappeared do you know wear she might have put them.


i saw a fox while i was at school PE it ran into a minnie forest and disappeared
it probally was heading for Mortimor forest.


my brother saw a woodpecker pair up at Titiston Clee Summit

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