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Unusual Hedgehog house found

I was cleaning out my guinea pigs and removed the tray on the bottom of the hutch. Underneath the hutch had lots of hay packed quite closely in. I tried to put the tray back in when I couldn't fit it in. I started to move the hay from under the hutch and pricked my finger on something sharp. It was a hedgehog. We managed to safely make an exit for it so tonight it can move to our actual Hedgehog house. Hopefully, we will see it again in the hedgehog house.


It was Wildlife watch today. A slug man came in. He knew slot about slugs we all brought slugs in any he identified them. We learn't about the Keel and the breathing hole and much more. Then we went into the woods and found some slugs. It was great.

Oh no!

On the way to school, me and my friend saw a dead field mouse. It was very small. It didn't look like a cat had had it though.

Big bike ride #2

Another thing I saw was a cormorant. That was epic

Big bike ride

I went on a bike ride and saw so much wildlife,here's what I saw: 5 red admirals, peacock butterfly, heron, I heard a yellow hammer and saw a kestrel. It was an amazing bike ride. Although I did see a dead shrew.

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