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seal rescue!

to after school I went to the beech to do some litter picking and I came across a seal stuck with a plastic bag on its flipper! I had to use my piking stick to pull it off in the end i got it off and it went back into the sea.

First award

I just finished my hedgehog award now its time to go onto the kestrel award cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seagull sichuation

OK this is sad and strange.dos anyone know those boxed in trampolines you get at the beech?Well a seagull got stuck in the netting whilst getting an old part of fish. it was stuck for about 30 mins and in the end it did't even get the fish.

Dove doge

Now this is strange! a collared dove was just being attacked by magpies.they were following it all over the place but the collared dove was dogging there every move like crazy. it was going in every direction. but in the end the collared dove manege to scare them off!

A bad idea

I just seen a article in the news paper about a man hew is going to be lifted into the sky by enlarged party strapped to a chair!?!?

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