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Save the wildlife

Let's get together and save the wildlife. Breathe in the fresh air through your nostrils, lets get together and save the wildlife.
Green leaves and fluffy, puffy clouds, lets save nature from the sea to the sun.
Out of the distance we'll see a new god that has begun. Outside and inside no matter what, you'll find nature.
From the cold seasons to the hot, all of them have nature. So we need to save nature for our new paradise to begin.

Nature is ours and nature is free.

Nature is precious and all of the creepy crawlies come out to play. Leaves and trees; that's nature, flowers and bushes; that's nature. Rabbits are hopping, the sun is out where nature grows all about. Squirrels and hedgehogs, plants and grass, light of the sun and shade of the forest. That makes nature. Woolly sheep with shiny noses, life underneath and life on top, all get together. This is nature.

Beatles and Bugs Wildlife

Spotting in the garden!

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