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Garden Spider Australian style!

big but apparently harmless!


Just been for a walk round the farm in the sunshine and as well as snaffling some raspberries from the garden, watching some dragonflies dance on the pond and having a little lie down in the long grass I also took some picks of our sunflower crop, which looks amazing and is going to provide so much food for the birds over the winter.

Sleepy Snakes

Had a great time at club Wow this month with some unusual visitors. heres four of my Watch group friends having a nap with a Boa constrictor!


Tomorrow is "things that go bump in the night" at Lower Smite Farm. Follow the lantern trail to the enchanted house!
Find out about halloween wildlife and make your own magic potion!

Leaf Fairy

Hi guys... All the leaves falling down have inspired decorate the woods with some fairy magic! Get out yourselves and have a go!

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