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Yesterday, on my walk I saw some interesting things such as:
An Oil beetle,
x2 Mallards
And a peacock butterfly.
So this was an interesting walk!

The ways of summer.

Summer leads to laughter and joy, but what is it really about?
Well, I've got a few answers.
Bees, bees are critical.
They pollinate flowers and give us honey.
But what is SO important about them?
If we didn't have any bees we would not be alive, as they help make plants grow, without plants there would be little food and no oxygen for us to breathe!
So be kind next time you see a bee, they are hard workers.

Brown Rats

Brown rats are mammals.
They are a large species of rat.
They are NOT domestic-domestic means it is owned by people.

The garden

In the garden there is a dunnock, I think it was trying to catch some worms!
There was also a rat, a big fat brown one.
And the Jackdaws, they ALWAYS come round.


A chaffinch is a common bird in England.
They have a chirpy song of which consults either of mating or territorial alerts.
The males have a bright pink-red chest.
Females look a lot like House Sparrows and sometimes Dunnocks.
But...there is a way to notify whether it's a dunnock or a female chaffinch,
just you see.

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