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Red Squirrel Walk

On Saturday I went on a Brownies Red Squirrel walk. We went to Tollymore Forest Park. On the way to the Red Squirrels home we were looking for signs of a Red Squirrel. When we got to the Red Squirrels home we got some nuts and put them at the bottom of the trees. We had a great time.

What happens in Winter?

It's Winter now and it's very cold but sometimes I can play with my friends outside.Now some animals are hibernating. These animals include Hedgehogs,Bears and I don't know many others.Some I,m not quite sure about. Also some animals just stay warm and snug in their homes.Thats what happens in winter.


I love nature because I think it is beautiful.It is important to look after nature.Some people do not look after nature by throwing their rubbish should be told to put it in the bin,thats what ins are for.I do not put my rubbish down but our neighbeours do, and we have to pick it is the most annoying! lets go on to trees. trees are beautiful and useful. they give us shade when it is hot,they give you oxygen and they make perfect homes for lots of animals.

Bird Feeder

My granda gave me a bird feeder making set. I was so happy because it would help the poor little birdies.Daddy said that it would it would make the wildlife watch happy because they like birds.(they are animals too)I have built a little bit

Bug spotting

One day Eimear,Mummy and I went bug spoting.We looked on trees and in tryes.There were lots of other children there too.One of leaders said I was so good that she gave me a bug spotting kit to keep!

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