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We know that members of Wildlife Watch groups have gone on to do incredible things, so we thought it was about time we shared some of these stories with you! Take a look at the stories below! We hope that you will be inspired to follow your dreams. 

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Did you know that as of 2016 Watch is 45 years old? Wow! In that time it has nurtured a love of nature in hundreds of thousands of children, many of whom have carried it with them to adulthood. Read just a few of their stories! 



Sophie Moss


Sophie is a 23 year old PhD student, who became involved with her local Watch group when she was 7. So how did Watch lead to her PhD? Take a look! 

Graeme Cotterill

Graeme is the Fundraising Director at North Wales Wildlife Trust. You won't believe his journey to get there though!


 Rachel Hudson

Rachel owns her own company, Butterfly Track Publications. Read how Watch shaped her childhood, and her love of nature. 

 Sonya Hardy

Sonya is a Senior Ranger and is passionate about connecting people with nature! Learn all about her journey. 

 Erin Taylor

Erin is a Masters student, and she wanted to share her love of Watch with us. 

 Ryan Wood

Ryan is an absolutely inspirational 18 year old, who shares how Watch has helped every aspect of his life. 

 Scott Petrek

Scott is a Monitoring Officer at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Your dream job? Read how he got there! 

Jenny Carter

Wildlife has always been a big part of University student Jenny's life. Read about where she sees her future now! 

Philippa Cory

Philippa has bagged her dream job, read how Watch nurtured her interest in the natural world, and find out the story behind this picture! 

 Tom Koszak

Tom has been a Wildlife Watch member for almost his whole life, and through it he has had brilliant experiences and found his passion in life. 


Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth was so committed to working in conservation that at the age of 13 she persuaded her head teacher to let her have days off to volunteer!