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Watch groups

A Shropshire Wildlife Trust  Watch group in action A Shropshire Wildlife Trust Watch group in action

There are around 300 Wildlife Watch groups across the UK. By going along to a group you will be able to make friends with other nature detectives and have lots of fun taking part in all sorts of practical activities - from pond dipping to wildlife safaris.

Watch Groups are organised by volunteer Leaders who know about the local places and wildlife. They generally work with their young members and local experts to organise all kinds of wildlife and environmental activities:

• badger watching
• bat detecting
• pond-dipping
• wildlife campaigns
• wildlife gardening
• mini-beast pootering
• arts & crafts
• environmental games
• tree health surveys
• composting
• woodland wanders - and much, much more!


Find a group near you


You can find out whether there are any Watch groups near you by checking out the page for your local Wildlife Trust in the Where you live section of this site. Each Wildlife Trust page has links to Watch groups in that area where you can find out more. On the page for each Watch group you can also request more information on how to join.


You can also contact the Watch organiser of your local Wildlife Trust to find out about Watch groups near you. This is a good way to check things like whether local Watch groups have space for new members, whether they are open to all ages or if an adult needs to stay with you. Every group is different – but they’re all fun. Going along to a Watch group is free in some places but often there is a small sub to help cover stuff like refreshments or materials.