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Top Tips for Photography and Film

When you’re trying to take a nice photo, it can be really hard to make it look fun and interesting and make all your friends jealous. So what can you do to stand out from your mates and be the one who “always gets the best picture”?

Well, it doesn’t have to start with needing a big, fancy camera like you see on the tele. A mobile phone or a small compact camera can be just as good at getting the photos you want, simply by changing the way you take the picture in the first place.

Using a different angle

A really easy way to do this is to take your photos at a different angle. Try getting closer to the ground and get some grass or pebbles in the bottom of the photo.

It will make the photo look more interesting because most people aren’t used to seeing a nice view/a building/their friends from the floor!



Trying out colours

Another way to make your photos look interesting is to take them using different colour modes. This might also be called picture styles or picture control (something like that) and will let you either take your photos in Black and White, make the colours more vivid, put a black circle around the edge of the photo and some cameras will even let you choose one colour to show in the photo, whilst the rest of the picture is Black and White… very cool stuff.

Scene selection

If you have the word ‘Scene’ or sometimes shortened to ‘SCN’ written on your mode dial on the top of your camera, then it’s also worth taking a little look in there to see what options you have. This Scene selection mode will let you pick from the usual Landscape, Portrait and Sports styles… however some cameras have a few funky other ones like Starry Skies, Sunset, Night Scenery and stuff too.

Using a mobile phone

For those of you who use a mobile phone to take your photos, you might not have any extra ‘Scene’ modes or whatnot (without using another app that is) but you should be able to make your photos brighter or darker by touching the screen (not on all phones but worth a check!).

If you want your photo to be darker: touch a light area on the screen, if you want your photo to be brighter then you need to touch a dark area on the screen. Simples.

And of course, don’t forget those colour filter options to make the photos more bluey, yellowy or red. A sunny day looks all the more hot with a yellow filter on top!

Rachel Wilkins



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Fox (c) Bertie Gregory / 2020VISION
Using a phone (c) Matthew Roberts