Top 6 most haunting UK fungi

Top 6 most haunting fungi

Amethyst deceiver by Julia Saunders

Dead man's fingers

Dead man's fingers by Chris Lawrence

Number 6 - Dead man's fingers

These black, swollen fingers reach out of the ground appearing as if they're reaching out from the grave! You'll see them poking up through moss and deadwood.

Weeping widow

Weeping widow by Ali Mckernan

Number 5 -  Weeping widow

The name comes from the black, watery droplets that it produces - as if it's shedding black tears!


Elfin saddle by Ali Mckernan

Number 4 - Elfin saddle

Ghost meets skeleton! The stems are grey or brown and contain inner chambers. The caps often distort, creating an even more haunting look!


Collared earthstar by Ali Mckernan

Number 3 - Collared earthstar

These freaky eyeball-like beings pop-up in woodlands amongst the leaf litter. You never know what's watching you on a woodland walk...

Purple jellydisc fungus

Purple jellydisc fungus by Kimberley Louise

Number 2 - Purple jellydisc fungus

It looks like a brain! Fairly common, this freaky fungus grows on the rotting wood of deciduous trees.

Devil's fingers

Devil's fingers by Anita Godwin

Number 1 - Devil's fingers

The most terrifying fungus out there! The devil’s fingers fungus hatches from a slimy, gelatinous ‘egg’. As it grows, the tentacle-like arms start to protrude...