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The Smart Happy Project

Lisa Lillywhite, of the Smart Happy Project, talks about the benefits of getting kids connected to nature.

Using the wonder of shapes and patterns in nature, The Smart Happy Project aims to get more children connected to, and building a relationship with, nature.

Read Lisa's blog posts below and feel inspired to go out and search for patterns in nature. Who knows what you might discover?




Adjusting my Nature Settings

"In this world of fast paced connectivity, I realised there was one connection that I’d lost. And I was missing it. It’s quiet absence had left me unbalanced. My health and mental well-being had plummeted and it took me a while to work out what was missing. Nature."


What do you do when you suddenly realise you've let nature slip out of your life? Lisa tells us in her latest blog

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The Tools of Observation

"The skill of observing is not to be underestimated. We are ‘seeing’ all the time, but how much do we really observe? 

We are living in an age when visual literacy is a crucial skill, to be able to analyse and decipher what we are being presented with."


Lisa tells us about the importance of being able to observe.

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The Hunt for the Knopper Gall

"I’m really excited about these at the moment, any oak tree I come across I'm intently examining it."

Lisa tells us all about hunting for galls this season.

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Nature's Symmetries 

"I've said it before in the blog... it's all about looking!"

Lisa talks us through the amazing symmetry you can find in nature: you just have to look!

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Last of the summer vibe

Lisa tells us about taking advantage of the last of the summer sun before autumn sets in.

She and her kids make some brilliant exposure art: letting the sun imprint a shadow onto special paper!

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Holiday nature journals

Lisa talks of how easy it is to create a nature journal and getting her children outside!.

It's so quick and easy to make and it's a great way to keep a note of your finds!  

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A garden sleep-over

Lisa tells how her children enjoyed the magic of a back garden sleep-over.

It's the perfect, easy to do, 30 Days Wild activity! 

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Hunting on the way home

With longer days upon us, it's the perfect time for getting out after school.  Why not give a scavenger hunt a go? In this blog post is a great downloadable scavenger hunt sheet!

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Spotting hermit crabs

Let's hear it for the hermit crabs - bargain hunters of the ocean! Lisa talks about why she loves these fellows, and how you might be lucky enough to spot one.

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Sowing the seeds of...

It can be easy as adults to look at the world with cynicism, however in this blog post Lisa urges us to allow our children to see the world with the wonder they naturally present. It's as easy as planting an apple seed...

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January Blues

January may not seem like a hub of nature activity, but Lisa Lillywhite tells how you can find the small joys in every day life.

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12 days of Christmas

Explore a more natural version of the 12 days of Christmas, and get into the Christmas spirit! 

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Nature crafts with clay and other found materials

There are many nature crafts for kids that are a great way to encourage the observation and wonder of nature forms and materials at any time of the year!

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Patterns in Autumn Seed Heads

From circles, to triangles, to stars, patterns in nature can be found everywhere, you just have to learn to look. 

Lisa shows where these patterns can be found!

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Kids as Collectors

The collections children build up, from shells to rocks, can instil in them a love and passion for the natural world. Learn how to start collections, what makes a good collection and how these inspire! 

Read the blog post here, and start your collection!

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