Facts and stories

Facts and stories

Pine martens by Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

What's going on in the world of wildlife?

From fascinating facts about our amazing wildlife to your wild stories and artwork, we've got it all covered here. There's even top tips and advice about how you can make a difference for our precious planet.

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Fact of the month!

Hazel dormice hibernate through the winter months in order to survive. If food is scarce outside of hibernation season, they can save energy by dropping their body temperature and going into a state of 'torpor'. In fact, dormice can spend nearly three-quarters of the year 'asleep' in some form!

Danny Green/2020VISION

Your WILD artwork!

If you read our Watch magazine, you'll have seen some of the awesome artwork sent in by readers. From sculptures and photography, to collages and paintings, we love seeing your wildlife inspired creations. Check out a few of the entries below and get creative!